Packing and Shipping Guidelines

When you’re ready to ship, please make sure you pack recyclables carefully to protect them during transport. Evolve Recycling cannot pay for items that arrive damaged or broken.

Shipping Guidelines: Using Your Own Boxes

Shipping Guidelines
  1. Find a large sturdy box that is no larger than 20”W x 20”H x 24”D and able to hold a maximum of 40 lbs. when full.
  2. Pack boxes using the 20/20 Rule.
    • Send a minimum of 20 items or 20 lbs. of mixed product
    • Pack carefully – damaged items cannot be credited
  3. Keep a packing list of the contents of each box for your records including the tracking number from the shipping label. Do not enclose a packing list with your shipment.
  4. Attach ONE prepaid shipping label to the box and tape it shut. Leave it for a UPS driver or take it to a UPS drop-off location.
    • Do not call UPS for a pick up. When called to pick up packages, UPS will charge a mandatory fee that cannot be waived or reimbursed. Call 1-800-742-5877 or visit for drop-off locations nearest you.

Helpful Tips for Shipping

  • To protect items, fill extra space with newspaper or other packing material.
  • Please do not send toner tanks (they are shaped like water bottles).
  • Remove items from manufacturer’s packaging to increase volume in shipping box.
  • Please do not allow boxes to exceed 40 lbs. This could result in damage from over-packing.
  • When using your own boxes to ship recyclables, remove or black out previous labels and/or addresses.

Shipping Guidelines