Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Evolve Recycling?
A: Evolve Recycling is a leading collector and recycler of used inkjet and laser printer cartridges that are then remanufactured for reuse or recycled as a last resort.

Q: What items does Evolve Recycling accept?
A: Evolve Recycling accepts inkjet and laser printer cartridges that are undamaged and not previously remanufactured, unless noted otherwise. Recycling toner bottles (plastic bottles with screw-on lids) is not allowed. For a complete list of acceptable items, check out the Price List.

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Q: Why don't you pay for all cartridges?
A: Recycling print cartridges can generate cash when there's demand for them in the market. Evolve Recycling purchases cartridges that remanufacturers are willing to buy and put back into service. Contact a local waste or recycling management department to learn how to recycle toner tanks, ribbon cartridges and previously remanufactured cartridges.

Q: Are you able to send back some of the items I shipped?
A: Evolve Recycling processes very high volumes of product each day. We are unable to send your items back to you.

Q: How much are my recyclables worth?
A: The reuse market determines which items are eligible for recycling and how much they're worth. Prices vary depending on the make, model and market demand. This information is posted at quarterly. Current prices listed are good through June 2024. Broken/damaged items receive no credit.

Q: How often can recyclables be shipped?
A: Evolve Recycling is an ongoing program. The prepaid UPS shipping labels don't expire so you can send one shipment a day or one shipment a year. It's completely up to you. Just remember to meet the recyclable shipping minimums:

  • 20 items or 20 lbs. of mixed product

Q: Can an individual recycle through this program?
A: Absolutely, we encourage you to collect and send in used inkjet and laser printer cartridges. Simply fill in your name in place of the company name on the registration page. Minimum shipping quantities still apply.

Q: When will my business get paid?
A: Your business will receive a check the month after it recycles items worth $25 or more. Shipments valued under $25 will be credited to your account until the $25 threshold is reached.

Q: Are free supplies available?
A: Evolve Recycling supplies business recycling partners with prepaid UPS shipping labels.

Q: Are bulk shipments accepted through this program?
A: Freight pickups can be arranged at no cost to your business by calling customer service toll-free at 1.855.933.8658 if you have at least 500 laser printer cartridges or 5+ pallets of product.

Q: Who can I call if I have questions?
A: Answers to your questions are a toll-free phone call away at 1.855.933.8658, or you can email questions to